Don’t quit

Don't Quit

Writing a blog doesn’t seem so difficult to me, but writing my first blog has proven to be challenging. It’s like writing the opening sentence in my Christmas letter every year. How to start?

Last night John and I watched the movie “Facing the Giants.” This movie came out last year and I have to say, it’ll never win an academy award. But, what it lacks in acting skill and special effects it greatly makes up for in spiritual truths. I ended up replaying parts of it this morning so I could take notes. “Facing the Giants” is the story of a losing football team and how they turned it around. I don’t want to spoil the movie if you haven’t seen it but there are three quotes from the movie that I want to comment on.

1. “Your actions will always follow your beliefs.” – Wow, how are my beliefs limiting me? I have some big dreams but unless I believe they will come true, I won’t even put forth the effort to make them come true. I’m not going to tell you what they are right now (this is just my first blog, after all) but as time goes by I hope to share with you some of my successes.

2. “I resolve to give God everything I’ve got and leave the results up to Him.” – I have to admit there have been times that I’ve let fear or fatigue keep me from giving God everything I’ve got. What more could I do for Him if I just gave Him my very best effort 100% of the time?

3. “Don’t quit ’til you’ve got nothing left.” – This was by far my favorite quote in the movie. I’ve actually had women tell me that they didn’t have any dreams left, or didn’t know how God wanted to use them, or that they were too old to have big dreams anymore. My response to them has always been, “when God is through using you on this earth, then He will take you home.” Don’t quit, my friend. God has great things in store for you. Imagine what He’ll do with your life if you give it to him and DON’T QUIT! There are days when I’m ready to give up, take an extended nap, and let someone else do the work but then I remember that God has something planned for ME to do. I can’t quit, I won’t quit, I will keep doing whatever God calls me to do until the day I fall into His arms.

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