Fancy Meeting You Here. . .

I attended a conference at our church yesterday for pastors and other leadership people. It was a great conference, but that’s not what my blog is about. There were a number of women at the conference and during each break I managed to find myself in line with all the other women needing to “rest” in the restrooms for a moment. I attend a fair number of conferences each year and truthfully, the amount of time I spend in line for the restrooms would equal many days of my life. So, I figure that since I’m taking precious time out of my life to hang out in line, I should get to know the people there. I’ve met some fun and fascinating people in restrooms over the years. Yesterday was no exception.

Yesterday, a woman walked into the restroom behind me and she looked like someone with whom I could strike up a conversation. Not everyone wants to talk while in line. I can’t figure that out. Seriously, what else are they going to do? Contemplate the urgency of the situation? Anyway, this woman looked friendly enough so I asked her what church she was from. She told me she was a missionary to Thailand. I happen to know a woman who is a missionary in Thailand. I met her four years ago, we chatted back then, she bought a few Creative Memories products from me, and then headed back to Thailand. We’ve emailed a few times over the years but obviously don’t see each other much. So, I asked this woman if she knows my friend in Thailand. Not only did she know her, she WAS her! What a hoot. Neither one of us recognized each other – apparently, we’d both changed more in four years than we thought – but it was fun to run into her and catch up.

Later in the day, I met a woman whose son is on the deacon board with me. She was a lovely woman and I enjoyed getting to know her a little. So, it turns out, all of my time in line yesterday was not a waste. It makes me wonder how men ever get to know anyone. There is never a line for their restroom.

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  1. EV04

    That sounds just like what happens in my family! Each time my uncle comes to visit, he has plenty of Small World Stories, where he has met someone that knows someone who knows my uncle. And now I’ve picked up on that knack! Kinda scary, huh? ha ha.

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