I Remembered

I have absolutely no idea how it happened. I was sitting in the Nordstorm shoe department this afternoon and I suddenly remembered the name of the book I read this year. Not the only book, of course, but if you read my previous post, this will make more sense. Seriously though, why is it when we are searching our brain trying to think of something, we are totally clueless and, at other times, when we are just sitting there trying to figure out how to explain to our husband why we need another pair of shoes, it comes to us?

So, I’m sure you are dying to know the name of the book. It’s called Normal is Just a Setting on Your Dryer by Pasty Clairmont. It’s an easy read book with a few nuggets of wisdom and plenty of funny stories, told only the way Pasty can tell them. Patsy is one of the regular speakers at Women of Faith – a yearly women’s conference held all over the country. She has a fabulous testimony of how God healed her of agoraphobia. She tells her whole story in her book I Grew Up Little.
So much for books. Back to the Nordstrom shoe department. If you need boots, they have some fabulous ones on sale right now. And, in general, if you need some great shoes, in most any size, check out Nordstrom. Go see my friend, Marcy, in women’s shoes and she’ll set you up with everything you need. And, while you’re there, who knows what YOU might remember.

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  1. Laura

    I think I’ll try that out. Next time I need to remember where I put my keys, I’ll grab the spare set and head to Nordstrom to buy some shoes!

    Works for me!

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