Watching God do a Miracle

I can’t even remember how long ago it was when I first started answering phones at KTIS radio station in St. Paul for their yearly fundraiser. It has to be something like 15 years or more. It’s no secret that I love to talk, and of course a lot of talking goes on when you are answering phones. But that isn’t why I volunteer. I don’t even volunteer because of an overwhelming need to be helpful. In fact, I feel somewhat selfish in my reason for volunteering. You see, when I go to answer phones at KTIS, I get to watch God do miracles. Today was no exception.

Last Fall when I answered phones, KTIS feel well short of their goal – the amount needed to complete the ministry they do each year. Other years, when I’ve volunteered, there were times that the goal wasn’t met during the time alloted for the fundraiser, but online donations were made after the fact and the goal had been achieved. But, this September they were only a little over halfway to their goal and the situation seemed dismal. BUT GOD. But God, had another plan. In order to reach their goals for the year they added a “catch up” fundraiser, thus my reason for being there today.

When I arrived today, KTIS was still a few hundred thousand short of reaching their goal. The woman sitting next to me asked me if I thought the goal would be reached. My immediate thought was “there is no way” but what I said was, “I believe God is a God of miracles so yes, I think we’ll make it.”

It was an amazingly busy afternoon. I talked to loads of wonderful people. A sweet 80-year-old woman was in tears when she called because she had been so touched by a story she’d heard one of the announcers tell. I told her that her donation would make her part of the miracle that God was doing today. She cried some more. So sweet! I also talked to an adorable little 10-year-old girl who wanted to donate; and to a mom who was calling for her daughter who wanted to donate a $10 gift she’d gotten from her Bible teacher. I even talked to a woman who I realized, through the course of our conversation, works with our son, Adam. She just loves Adam, she told me. I told her that I did, too.

The fundraiser was to end at 7:00 p.m. At 6:30 p.m. KTIS was still over $100,000 short of their goal. I have to admit to being a tad bit discouraged, but I, and I’m sure many others, was praying for that miracle I’d been counting on happening. At 6:50 p.m. we heard that a $50,000 matching gift had been offered. All of the volunteers were asked if they could stay and answer phones a while longer. We all agreed, and it was totally worth it. Not only was the goal reached, but it was exceeded. And, I got to be there when the miracle occurred. INCREDIBLE! I was flying high when I left. What an amazing privilege to watch God work this way.

I’m praying for another miracle at our church this weekend. I can’t wait to see what God will do. But, you know what? I believe God does miracles everyday and sometimes our eyes are just closed to them. So, keep your eyes open and let me know when you see God do a miracle. I can’t wait to hear what it is.