Bonding with My Bed

On Wednesday evening, I was still at the hospital making the decision whether or not to come home. I didn’t feel great but wasn’t sure I wanted to spend another night in the hospital either. The hospital did have its advantages. There was the excellent staff who answered my many “calls.” And, the food, believe it or not, was great. Too bad I wasn’t more hungry. Fairview Red Wing Hospital has, by far, the best food I’ve ever had in a hospital. And, the great thing is that you can call up “room service” and order whatever you’d like off of a menu that’s in your room. This is, of course, after the doctor allows you a regular diet. Everyone, right down to the food delivery person, was kind and considerate. It was a great hospital experience, if there is such a thing.

The deciding factor on Wednesday night was my bed. Hospital beds are great for a couple of things. For instance, there are railings to hold onto as you shift from one side to the other. Post surgery, that’s a great feature. And, you can tilt up the head to whatever comfort level you’d like. I’ve got a few friends who have that on their beds at home, but we don’t. Then there are the disadvantages. Like the fact that the mattresses are about two inches thick and covered in plastic. It also appears that the beds are designed to go through the doors, making them the perfect width for a seven year old. I’m sure I would have appreciated that feature had I needed to be rushed back into surgery. Fortunately, that was not the case.

So, in the end, I ultimately came home for my bed. I am a bit sick of it at the moment, but it sure beats the hospital bed when it comes to comfort. Now, where is that nurse to fix my covers and put lotion on my back?

In general, recovery is going much slower than I’d anticipated, but at least I seem to be moving in the right direction. I am most grateful for the faithfulness of God through all of this. There were many little things that I prayed for, and even though I never want to consider God as my personal Santa Claus, I can say that he has answered every single one of my prayers. Right before my surgery I was at a funeral where they sang, He’s Always Been Faithful to Me. I can just offer to that a hearty, AMEN!

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