Have You Seen This?

Being as I’m still recovering from surgery, I’ve watched an inordinate amount of television lately. I’m even considering getting a Wheel Watchers Card from Wheel of Fortune as that seems to be our “after dinner” viewing choice. All you have to do is have your number ready and you can win big prizes. Of course, that means you have to watch the show but, since I’m not doing much anyway, what have I got to lose?

There is, however, a commercial on television right now that totally baffles me. It seems they are doing a study at the University of Minnesota. (If you are reading this out of state, you probably haven’t seen the commercial.) The study is supposedly to help them learn about aggressive behavior in girls. According to the woman in the commercial, what they do is give ONE ice cream cone to THREE little girls, watch their behavior, and come up with a way to eliminate aggressiveness. I’ve got a way for them to eliminate aggressive behavior. Why not give EACH little girl an ice cream cone? I mean seriously, what do they expect to figure out from this? That little girls don’t want to share their ice cream cones? Do they WANT them to share their ice cream cones in the middle of cold and flu season?

A couple of other huge questions come to mind. What kind of parent allows their children to be involved in such a stupid study? Why are our tax dollars paying for such a stupid study? Why are our tax dollars paying for ADVERTISING such a stupid study? And who is going to pay for the therapy those little girls are going to need when they get done fighting over the ice cream cone? Please, if you’ve seen the commercial and you can see ANY benefit to this study, let me know. Maybe it’s the medications I’m taking that are causing me difficulty in wrapping my brain around this concept.

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  1. Beth

    Wow!! I’ve not seen the commercial or heard about the study, so I’m not really qualified to comment. But… I was a minor in psych in college, so… Yeah, I still am not sure what is up with this study! :)

    Let us know if you become enlightened.

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