New Year, New Calendar

I have read many New Year’s blogs regarding the great thing about a New Year. Words like “blank pages,” “resolutions,” and “a fresh start” are just some of the ways people in the blogosphere have chosen to describe the New Year. I’m a little late in my “New Year’s post.” Quite honestly, I’ve been tired. It’s been on my mind, but I just haven’t gotten to the computer for any length of time since Christmas.

I decided that after Christmas I was going to take some time off. I know that some of you are thinking, “time off from what? It’s not like she has a full time job.” This is true, unless of course, you count my husband. He can be a full time job, but I digress. I was just taking time off from the routines that make up most of my days. My calendar has been blessedly empty for the last two weeks and I used that time to read a novel, clean up from Christmas, and just enjoy my son’s visit home from college.

I share all of this, not to apologize for my lack of posts, but to explain it. I do want to share with you my favorite thing about moving into a new year. It’s the calendar pages. There are still so many blank spots on my pages and I love it. It looks so crisp and ready for the adventures that await me in 2008. It just has NEW written all over it.

I can’t wait to find out what 2008 will bring. I’m expecting HUGE things this year. I hope you are too.