And the winner is . . .

I’m not much of a sports fanatic. O.K., I rarely watch a televised sports game. But, the Super Bowl? You have to watch the Super Bowl. People expect you to know what happened AND to have seen the commercials. So, I watched. O.K., I slept through the second quarter, but it seemed as though nothing had changed when I woke up. Really, game wise, all you needed to watch was the last 10 – 12 minutes. Even I thought that was somewhat exciting.

As for the commercials, my favorite one came early in the game. It was for Fed Ex. The head of the shipping department was explaining to the boss that they had decided to use pigeons for all of their shipping needs. They even pulled out giant pigeons, scary looking giant pigeons, for the big packages. But, it seemed their grip wasn’t quite strong enough and it was causing chaos as they dropped crates on the streets below. Then, a giant pigeon picked up a car and dropped it in the shipping office. Of course, the moral was, stick with Fed Ex. Totally dumb, but it cracked me up.

In second place was the Budweiser commercial where the Dalmation helps train the draft horse so that he won’t be overlooked the next year when it comes time to decide who will pull the Budweiser wagon. Almost a tear jerker, but seriously, it’s a beer commercial.

And, on another bright note, there was no “wardrobe malfunction” during half time. All in all, a good game.

2 comments on “And the winner is . . .

  1. travelingtramps

    So glad to read your blog and find you doing fairly well.
    The game was great and probably one of the only games I watched totally all season.
    Your receipes sound great….I have had sweet potato fries….but might try to salad.
    Keep healing.

  2. Jackie

    Ooh, I missed the budweiser commercial! I’m going to have to search for that! Steve almost missed that last TD of the game because the kids needed to go to bed!

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