Last night I was wandering through the grocery store, making my way around the numerous floral displays brought in for Valentine’s day. Apparently, most of the men in Cannon Falls pick up their flowers from Econo Foods, because there were enough bouquets there for almost every man in town.

But, it wasn’t the flowers that caused the flashback. It was the boxes of kid’s Valentine’s cards. You know the kind. They come in a box of 30 so you have enough for every kid in the class. Oh, the time I spent in front of those boxed cards, with one boy or another. My boys didn’t seem to understand the importance of picking out the right box of cards. It was important to me that the words be right – on every card (there is always a variety) – and that the pictures not be from some cartoon that I didn’t even allow my kids to watch. My boys didn’t really care – they just wanted to pick up a box and get out of there to get this project out of the way. Their enthusiasm for Valentine’s Day seemed to decrease as their age increased. A few times I talked them into making bookmark valentines. Something simple, yet practical, that would last longer than the Bert and Ernie Valentine card. I don’t know if anyone ever actually used them, but they were just as cheap as the cards we were buying at the store. I’m sure it made some memories with my boys – they just don’t remember them yet.

It was fun walking past those Valentine’s cards last night. It brought back some great memories AND made me glad that I didn’t have to choose which cards to buy this year. That is a joy reserved for the young, and maybe Grandparents, but I don’t know that yet.

My Valentine’s wish for you is very simple. Happy Valentine’s Day! May you know today how very much you are loved by God and me.