Back to Base Camp

Today we traveled back to the headquarters for Blessman Medical Ministries at Shikwaru Game Reserve. I’m still not totally sure what cities we’ve been to but we are in the northern part of South Africa. We took the scenic route back which actually seemed a little faster than the direct route. It seems as though it would have been a beautiful drive but the clouds were quite low and we really had a limited view. There was one spot along the way called God’s Window. From what I was told, it’s a beautiful view from which you can see across Mozambique all the way to the Indian Ocean. Unfortunately, the shades on the window were closed so we just drove on towards “home.”

We had the opportunity last night to go on a game drive here at the park but since it was raining and cold, and I’m nursing a nasty cold, I decided against it. John went though and saw a few animals, including seven giraffes.

Tomorrow, we have some time for a little shopping and then we head to the airport for the long trip home. Once I sleep for about 40 hours, I’ll fill you in on some of the little side lights of our trip. Until then, signing off from Africa.

3 comments on “Back to Base Camp

  1. Anonymous

    Nancy, I ran into your blog somehow and have enjoyed reading about your trip! Anxious to hear more. Good luck with those 40 hours of sleep.
    Connie E.

  2. Anonymous

    So excited to read all about your trip! I can’t wait to hear more and see pictures! sounds like you’ve had an amazing time there. Praying for a safe trip back, and hoping that you get lots of rest! Love you and miss you much!

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