Day One in South Africa

We got up early this morning and had breakfast at our guest house and then we left to go to a care area where about 350 children are fed every day. When we first arrived the cooks (called MaMas) started singing (a very common greeting to guests in Africa). I started smiling and clapping and before I knew it I was dancing with one of the cooks. They thought that was so fun. I did too.

Today’s menu for the kids included chicken heads and feet. Yum! Other things on the menu included squash, rice, beets and bananas. It’s quite the undertaking to feed that many every day. We had the same food later only, thankfully, our chicken was in the leg form, no heads or feet. An interesting side note is that all of the kids kept their chicken bones and they’ll chew on them later. Apparently they are an excellent source of calcium.

While the kids were eating I took their pictures and showed it to them on my digital camera. Pretty soon, there were quite a few requests for pictures. One little girl came up and, in the sweetest voice said, “Will you take my picture please.” How could I say no?

After lunch the kids all sat down and sang and sang and sang. Their sweet little faces can melt your heart in seconds. I can’t all remember the words but one of the songs talked about the Holy Spirit. I wish I could describe to you how they pronounced Spirit. I’m not even sure I could imitate it in person, but boy was it sweet.

The program was completed for the kids with a puppet show and a Bible lesson. I got to help with the Bible lesson that taught the kids about how to make wise choices. Of course, everything had to be translated by the “head Mama,” Mavis.

We are now at the game reserve owned by Blessman Medical Ministries. Our room has a thatched roof but it’s a suitable room. Dinner for us tonight included Impala and Wildebeest. I only had the Impala filet (which is pronounced with the “t” in South Africa. It was fine. I wouldn’t order it at a restaurant but it wasn’t the worst meal I’ve ever had.