Happy Snowy Easter

Happy Easter! Easter is right at the top of my list of favorite holidays. It’s low stress as there are no gifts to wrap and get in the mail, no big meals to be made and no pressure to have Easter cookies. You can make a big meal if you like, you can even make cookies, but there isn’t the pressure like there is at Christmas. I think though, what I like best about Easter is the reason we celebrate it – Jesus’ resurrection! Because of Christ, what he did on the cross, and His resurrection, I get to go to heaven. How cool is that? What a great reason to celebrate.

John is a bit miffed about the timing of Easter this year. It seems he has fond memories of little girls in Easter dresses and bonnets and thinks it’s way too cold for such this year. It is, but in my mind, it always is too cold for short sleeves and bonnets at Easter. John grew up in Northern Minnesota where the snow doesn’t really melt until the middle of May so I seriously doubt that it was ever really warm enough for typical Easter garb, but those are his memories and he’s sticking to them. I gave up on short sleeves and sandals many years ago when I realized it would never be warm enough on Easter, whether in March OR April, for such attire. I must have reached an age when my comfort was more important to me than style. I believe it’s a sign of old age when that happens, but I like to think of it as wisdom. Nonetheless, it’s still my favorite holiday – warm or cold.

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