Off to the bush

I have so much to tell but we are leaving in about a half hour or less to go out to an area about 200 miles from our current location. I don’t think we’ll have much Internet access there. So, next Sunday look for a bunch of updates! We might have Internet access while we’re out “in the bush” but I’m not sure.

We’ll be working in some schools in some very impoverished areas. This morning we had a training on how to do eye exams, share Christ, and teach them about sex and HIV/AIDS. Yikes! It made me nervous to teach my own kids about sex. Of course, I’ll never see these kids again. That will help.

We had an amazing morning but I want to save that to write about when I have more time. Stay tuned!

2 comments on “Off to the bush

  1. Kristie

    just got updated on all your African adventures. The picture of you dancing with the African cook made me smile :) So proud of you and excited to see how God is using you guys. Praying for you whenever I do the dishes!

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