Happy Birthday, Paul!

Twenty-nine years ago today I becaome a mother for the first time. I don’t look old enough to be the mother of a 29 year-old, you say? I know, I know. I was 12 when I had him. Ha! Where do the years go? I can still tell you in great detail, the events of Paul’s birth, though I’m guessing most of you aren’t really reading this blog for that kind of information.

Mothering is a great journey of wonder, worry, incredible love, anger (at times), challenges, laughs, and much, much more. And, of course, there are the countless hours at sporting events and concerts. What would we have done for entertainment without PeeWee baseball, soccer games, tennis matches, a few concerts that left you wondering if ANYONE ever practiced and many more that let you know they all did? And, after 29 years, here’s what I know about being a mother. It’s all worth it. I can’t think of anything that has brought me greater joy.

Happy Birthday, Paul! I’m so glad to be your mom!

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