Learning about Robotics

I was at a women’s conference this weekend and learned a little more about this robotic surgery deal. That’s not what the conference was about, I just happened to stumble upon this information during a conversation I was having with another woman.

In addition to my conversation at the conference, a couple of my faithful blog readers also tried to educate me regarding “Robotic Assisted Surgery.” Apparently, “Robotic Assisted Surgery” is not like having R2D2 handing the doctor his/her instruments. What they can do is actually get into some tight spots in the body without having to be so invasive. For instance, there are some heart surgeries that require that the doctor basically crack open your chest bone to access your heart. Some of these surgeries can now be done using robotic assistance so that your chest does not need to be cracked open. The doctor is still in charge of moving the robotic arm to perform the surgery. Phew!

So, o.k., I get it. I guess if I needed one of these types of surgeries, I’d be o.k. with the robotic help. Let’s just pray I don’t need one.