Lessons from the Garden

Sunday morning, John and I worked in our yard. We always feel a bit guilty when we work in the yard on Sunday as our neighbors expect us to be at church. Sometimes I want to post a sign that says “we went to church last night!” but I doubt they really care that much. Anyway, it was time for the annual removal of the leaves that seem to move in after we think we’re done raking in the fall, and for what should be the annual trimming of the bushes. And, praise God, we finally had some nice weather. But, as I was working in the yard today I realized there are some great lessons that we can learn from the garden.

First of all, we need to push through the muck and the mire to let the beauty that God has put inside of us shine. These crocuses managed to push their way up through the dirt, the dead leaves, and past the stems of last year’s plants to let their beauty “shine” in my garden.

Secondly, even when we may be living IN the muck and the mire we still need to let God’s beauty radiate from us. We can’t let circumstances around us dictate how we will act.

Then, of course, it was easy to see how the Enemy tries to get in and take over our lives. Seriously, I think the dandelions in my yard are a direct hit from Satan. They are everywhere! And, tenacious? These little buggers are holding tight to their territory in my yard. I think the roots may indeed be making their way down to hell itself!

O.K., I’ll admit, these lessons may seem kind of corny coming from my garden and all, but these are the types of things that go through my strange little mind each year when I witness the miracle that is spring. And when I’m all done witnessing these miracles I come in the house and prasise God for the miracle of Advil. My muscles aren’t nearly as excited about spring as I am.