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Sometimes my husband cracks me up. One of my favorite things that he does is when we are in a group and introducing ourselves to someone new. John will say his name and then, if I say my name at a separate time he’ll point back and forth between us and say, “we go together.” It always sounds like we’re dating and we’re not actually married. I usually follow that up with, “yes, we’ve been going together for 33 years.” But, I do kind of like the fact that he still thinks of us as “going together.”

This all brings me to our current “dates.” We love to go out and on Friday nights or Saturdays I can tell that John is ready for something a little more fun than a quiet evening at home. So, occasionally I’ll spend some time looking through the current movie listings to see what new movie is showing and where. Our problem lately has been that there isn’t much out there that we really want to see. Plus, I don’t ALWAYS want to go to a movie. So, this is why I’m looking for suggestions. What do you do on a date when you don’t go to a movie? What’s the most creative date you’ve ever been on? Ordinary date ideas are o.k. also.

Now, I have to admit that we have a pretty “creative” date coming up Friday night. Well, it’s not all that terribly creative but it’s certainly something we’ve never done before. We are going to see Ruth, the Opera. Oh, wait. It’s not just Ruth, the Opera, it’s the World Premiere of Ruth, the Opera. It’s showing, or should I say premiering, this weekend at Northwestern College in St. Paul and it’s FREE. You can’t beat that. Well, maybe you can, we’ll see. I must say I’m a tad bit concerned about the “free” part. Don’t they think anyone would pay to see this opera?

The opera is based on the biblical story of Ruth and Naomi. Since I just taught on Ruth and Naomi a few weeks ago at our mom’s group Bible study, I thought it might be interesting to see the story set in opera form. I’ve never really been to an opera, unless you count the movie version of Phantom of the Opera. This should be interesting. I’m just glad it’s in English.

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  1. Kari Cornwelll

    The Dakota Libraries now have passes to most of the cities most popular museums. A pass to the Bakken or Walker Art Center and then a nice dinner out is always fun. One of the things I have done is make a list of all the places and restaurants that the cities have to offer and try one of them at least each month. Kind of like my Bucket List for the Twin Cities.

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