What If I Give All?

There is a song from a few years back, o.k., maybe 10 or 15 years back, called What If I Give All? It’s a song about a little boy who hears his preacher say that just 10¢ will feed a child. He pulls out the dollar in his pocket and asks his mom how many that will feed. When she tells him ten children, he pulls out everything in his pocket and says, “what if I give all, what will that gift do?” It’s a great song, and it always comes to mind when I’m at an event such as the one I attended tonight.

Tonight (if I get this posted before midnight), I attended a dinner promoting a mission organization called International Justice Mission (IJM). IJM is a human rights organization that helps provide justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression around the world. This organization doesn’t just rescue people out of their bondage, but they also provide aftercare to help them heal from the horrors of their lives. There are a lot of people working for this organization who risk their own lives to rescue enslaved people.

There were, of course, many stories shared tonight about the young boys, young girls, fathers and mothers, all held in some sort of slavery. I think the one that hit me the most was of the family of six that had been rescued and eventually moved into a home that was about the size of my home office. They were so thrilled to have a home, with a door that locked, where they could feel safe. Wow, I have SO much! I would get claustrophobic if that many people just stepped into my office for a visit!

There are so many amazing mission organizations around the world. IJM is just one. John and I have had the privilege of working in Africa with both Children’s Cup and Blessman Medical Ministries. They all do great work. One thing I do know, is once you’ve been to a country where there is such poverty the desire to help gets into your soul. You can’t forget the faces of the children who each day are excited just to get a meal of rice and beans. Or those who still hurt from the horrors they have experienced.

Usually, my posts are pretty upbeat, but tonight my heart hurts for these oppressed people. It leaves me thinking, what if I give all? You can check out all of the organizations I’ve listed by clicking on their names. You wouldn’t go wrong supporting any of them, and there are many more. By the way, in the song What If I Give All, the answer is this, “My child a gift like that could change the world. It could feed a multitude.” It then goes on to tell about the love Jesus shared when He gave His very life to free us. If Jesus was willing to give His life to free me, what am I willing to give to help free the millions of people held in bondage?

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  1. Lyn

    WOw, your post is really passionate, and I am definitely asking those questions as well. You might be interested in checking out Gary Haugen’s newest book, Just Courage which gives further validity to the quest for justice and encourages Christians to do so. The website is http://www.justcourage.com

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