So, my last blog was about all the hail we got the other night, which truly, I thought was pretty impressive UNTIL I got a picture from my daughter-in-law, Erin. She, and our son, Paul, live in Rosemount, MN and they got WAY more hail than we did. Ours, by comparison, looks like wimpy hail. Still, John does have that mark about his eye where he was hit. And, the hostas still have holes. I guess I should just be grateful we don’t live in Rosemount!

3 comments on “Nevermind!

  1. Anonymous

    You are funny! We did get a lot more, but then again we don’t have as many flowers in our yard, or hostas, for which I am thankful!


  2. Anonymous

    the funny thing is that I live in Rosemount and didn’t get ANY hail!! I talked to several people from Rosemount and they thought I was kidding. Truly, we didn’t get any and only a few sprinkles. Go figure.

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