Road Signs

Do you ever see something when you are driving along and wonder why in the world it’s there? It happens to me a lot, in fact sometimes I’m amazed I don’t drive off the road when confronted with the craziness that’s out there. Tonight, I was on my way to Bible Study in Lakeville and I had just crossed over I-35. So, it’s a well traveled road, but not like a highway or anything. Anyway, there is a sign on the side of the road that says, “Lie Detector Tests” and is followed by a phone number. What???

Seriously, who uses this kind of information? I’m thinking that the police and court system have people that administer such tests. Surely, they don’t need to pick up phone numbers from a plastic sign stuck in the dirt. So, I’m trying to imagine who in the world calls these people. Do parents threaten their children? “Hey, if you don’t tell me the truth right now, I’m calling the Lie Detector Man!” Or, do wives call this guy to see if their husband has been at the bar instead of at Bible Study? And, if so, wouldn’t said husbands have to be willing to submit to these tests? I’m just baffled. If you know ANYONE who would use this service, let me know. If need be, I can grab the phone number for them next time I drive by.