Learning on Every Level

This past week has been particularly busy. Good, but busy. I spent the beginning of last week at a cabin in Cumberland with some old friends (literally and figuratively.) For the past 10 years this group of women has met for a week of relaxation, eating, boating, crafts, eating, swimming (you really don’t want to witness this), playing games and eating. Are you catching my drift? Most of us used to work together at the Cannon Falls School but we’ve added a few to the group over the years. We range in age from late 40’s to mid-70’s. It’s an interesting mix but we always have a good time.

What does this have to do with learning, you might be wondering? Well, last week the beautiful, full moon was glistening off the lake as it rose one evening. Someone commented that the fairy trail on the lake was beautiful. I was stymied. What in the world is a fairy trail? Turns out, there are at least a few people who call the moon’s reflection on the lake a fairy trail. Who knew? I asked them what they called it when the sun reflects off the lake. It is apparently called “the sun reflecting on the lake.” I’m thinking of making up a new term.

Switching gears completely from a bunch of crazy women to well, another group of crazy women, I spent Friday and Saturday at the Beth Moore Living Proof Live conference in Minneapolis. That woman can teach! Her three Bible lessons were on “Between a Rock and a Hard Place.” I learned tons in the short time at the conference but my favorite thing she said is this: “When you find yourself between a rock and a hard place – press into the rock. Jesus is the Rock.” So often we tend to turn away from God when we are struggling. This is the very time we should be pressing in and leaning on His strength instead of our own.

My crazy, busy week ended on Sunday night with an amazing “Super Chick Night” at our church. Each month at River Valley we have a women’s worship service (Chick Night) and they are incredible! This month we pulled out all the punches to make it “Super Chick Night.” The service started with my friend, Heather Rogers, singing “Dreaming in Color.” She hit it out of the park and when the streamer rockets exploded so did the audience. What a blast!

Helen Burns from Vancouver, Canada was here and did an awesome job. She spoke on what makes a woman beautiful. You might guess that what makes a woman beautiful has nothing to do with the clothes she wears, her weight, her height, or the color of her hair. Hopefully, her message will be posted on the River Valley Church website in the next day or two so if you missed it you can hear the podcast. What a great week with some amazing learning opportunities!