Saying Good-bye to a New Friend

It was a sad day around here. I’m probably the only one in my family who is truly sad but sad I am. You see, today was my last delivery from Simon Delivers. I’ve mentioned before how much I hate going to the grocery store. Well, a couple of months ago a woman I met from Cannon Falls told me how much she loves Simon Delivers and even how much money she saved by not making a bunch of trips to the grocery store. So, I tried it and after figuring out how to order a week’s worth of groceries in less than 10 minutes, I was hooked. I’m not totally convinced I was saving tons of money, but the little extra I may have paid was worth it in comparison to the time and frustration I spend at the local grocery store.

Every time I ordered, the same young man, Ryan, would deliver my orders. He was reliable, friendly, and quick, and if I wasn’t here, he’d always leave my order in the garage, per my request. It was announced on Tuesday that Simon Delivers is quitting business so when Ryan arrived today we were both almost in tears as we mourned our losses and said our good-byes. His loss, of course, is far greater than mine. He’s losing a job; I’m just losing time. Ryan will recover. He’s very competent and any company would be lucky to have him. I’ll recover too, I’m sure, but until then, John might have to do the grocery shopping. That’s when the sadness will hit him.