Not Shocked, but Definitely Dismayed

If you didn’t see them, you most definitely have heard by now that the Opening Olympic Ceremony was incredible. I mean, you’d have to be living in a bubble to have missed the talk about them. But tonight, I read an article regarding some lip-syncing going on during the ceremony. This news saddened me, not because I’m so opposed to lip-syncing, but because of the reason the decision to lip-sync was made.

If you saw the ceremonies, you’ll remember the adorable little girl with pig-tails singing and smiling her way through “Hymn to the Motherland” as the Chinese flag was brought into the stadium. But, as it turns out, it wasn’t her voice we were hearing. Apparently, a contest was held to determine who would sing this particular song, and a little girl named Yang Peiyi was chosen to sing. But, at the last minute, it was determined that she was not pretty enough to sing at the opening ceremony. (Yes, you read that right.) An executive member of the Chinese government decided that Yang did not fit the image they wanted to portray of their country, due to her buck teeth. Mind you, Yang Peiyi is a beautiful little girl, it’s just that she is 7 years-old and her brand new teeth don’t quite fit into her mouth yet.

I realize that the Chinese government is not known for building self-esteem in their nation’s children, but seriously, this is a crime! It makes me wonder if China, and even those of us in the United States, wouldn’t be better off, if little girls and boys were encouraged, instead of discouraged. And, can I just say to the Chinese officials, “if perfect teeth, perfect hair and perfect facial features are what brings you pride, perhaps you need to consider pulling some of your athletes out of the competition. Why should the rules be different for the athletes?”

Yang Peiyi, you are beautiful, and you have a dynamite voice. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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  1. Anonymous

    That is so sad! I just heard about this on KTIS this morning too! wow. Makes me want to cry :(

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