Weekend fun

This past weekend we were in Lutsen, MN for John’s niece’s wedding. It was a true Minnesota North Shore experience. John’s sister, Pat, graciously invited us to the rehearsal dinner, even though all we’d be doing for the wedding would be sitting in our chairs. I didn’t need to rehearse that. I have sitting down to an art form. But, the rehearsal dinner on the Lutsen resort beachfront was great. It was a perfect Minnesota evening, complete with a bonfire.

Saturday dawned as a perfect day for a beach wedding. By the time Anna, John’s niece, walked down the aisle it was 72 degrees with a slightly overcast sky, which kept us from roasting in the sun. You couldn’t ask for better wedding weather. It was beautiful.

Anna and Jason had a little different take on the unity candle theme, and used water instead. Perfect for a wedding on the beach, and still conveys the same meaning! Note the flowers in Anna’s hair. Jason’s mom told us at the rehearsal dinner that Jason had once said that when he got married he wanted his bride to wear flowers in her hair and go barefoot. How cute is that? He got the flowers but I’m fairly certain there were shoes on Anna’s feet.
Anna’s niece (and our great – or is it grand? – niece), Grace, was the flower girl. As a song was played during ceremony she just had to dance and twirl. Really, what else can a four-year-old, who takes dance classes, do? It was adorable.

We took a little time for fun with our kids during the weekend, too. Before we left on Sunday morning we went to the Alpine Slide on Lutsen mountain. I always like to do things that, deep down, scare me to death, but that I’m pretty sure I won’t die from. What a blast! I would have gone for the 40 ride pass if we’d had more time. I was accused of racing my niece (not Anna – Emily – who was joining us for the drive home) down the hill on our second turn down the mountain. But, seriously, we weren’t racing, I just went a little faster on the slow track than I did on my first trip. I’m way more adventuresome once I’m sure I won’t be killed having fun!

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  1. Jackie

    Beautiful pictures! Very much your quality of pictures! Awesome! It was a beautiful wedding! I wish we could have stayed longer!!

  2. Vanessa Miller

    Thank you for the post and the great photos summarizing the weekend. I so enjoyed visiting with you at my sisters wedding!
    Your site is great – look forward to reading through your prior posts.

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