Pay to Weigh?

John and I spent the weekend in St. Cloud. He spent most of Friday and Saturday learning more stuff about eyes. I spent most of the weekend loafing around in the hotel room. It was wonderful, at least for me.

On our way out of town today we stopped at a truck stop just before getting on the freeway. While John put gas in the van I used the restroom. I know, that may border on too much information, but it’s the restroom part that was funny. Inside the restroom there is a HUGE scale. Seriously, do people really need to weigh themselves in a public restroom? It gets better. On the scale it said “highly accurate weight measurement.” Are you kidding me? They want me to pay 25¢ for a “highly accurate measurement?” I’d be more likely to pay 25¢ if the scale had advertised, “Guaranteed to boost your self-image. This scale weighs on the light side.”

In all fairness, this scale doesn’t just weigh you, it also promises a daily message. Perhaps if the message said “you are the most beautiful woman in the world,” I would be interested in parting with my money, but my guess is that it would, more likely, give me diet tips. The last thing I want to invest in is a sassy scale.

2 comments on “Pay to Weigh?

  1. Matthew Nowlin

    People actually used those things, and it’s always baffled me. Believe it or not though, there are people that don’t have scales. Until recently my only scale was in storage in Minneapolis. Now, I have one here, but I had been using the scale at my gym.

    Also, think about the truckers. They need a level surface to weigh on. Maybe truckers rely on these scales. You don’t hate truckers, do you Nancy? ;)

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