Breathtaking Moment

Let me start this post by first saying that I’m not a big fan of winter in Minnesota. I’m not all that fond of summer either but I do love the fall and the spring. So basically, that gives me about three months of happiness with the weather each year. Mind you, I’m happy most of the time, but the weather doesn’t really contribute to my state of happiness.

If you live in Minnesota, you most likely woke up this morning to find a little of the white stuff covering your lawn and maybe a bit in the trees. It’s a sign of things to come and even though I’m not a fan of winter, I still do enjoy the first snowfall.

There is a quote that says “Life isn’t about the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away.” This morning, I had one such moment. In the midst of a normal morning, I was on my way to the workout center and I drove to the bottom of my street and turned towards downtown Cannon Falls. (Downtown Cannon Falls, by the way, is approximately three blocks long and is about a half block away after I turn my corner.) As I turned the corner and looked out at the hillside to my north I literally gasped at the beauty of the evergreens perfectly flocked in a delicate layer of snow. I don’t think I’ve ever even noticed the trees being there before. It was simply stunning, at least for me in that moment.

I love those breathtaking moments, especially when I am able to see them amidst the ordinariness of my everyday life. God is so amazing in the ways He blesses my days. I love that!

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  1. travelingtramps

    Hi Nancy…I have been trying to keep up with you. Thx for the info on the new read. I definately love having good books.
    Enjoy the blanket of snow…sometimes the desert looks bleak…and then sometimes it’s captivating.

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