In Need of a Dream Interpreter

Do you ever wake up after having a dream and it seems so real that it scares you? I had that happen to me today. I don’t put much stock in dreams but I have to admit, the one I had early this morning was just so upsetting. It must have been the Nachos Nuevos I had at Applebee’s last night. Of course, once you start trying to explain a dream to someone you realize that they never really make any sense.

I haven’t posted much lately and yesterday a friend commented on that fact, so today, you are stuck with my dream life. And, after nearly a whole day to ponder my dream, I have determined, that the panic I was in this morning really just adds to the hilarity of the dream itself. You see, in my dream, I was engaged to a man, yet apparently married to my husband, John, at the same time. (Please don’t judge me. I was asleep when all of this was going on, remember?) Apparently, in preparation for my marriage to this guy, I was attempting to make some beautiful new curtains and placemats for my house. His family kept trying to help me. Only problem was that everything they helped with turned out looking horrific. Additionally, though they were nice people, they were just very, very odd. And, there were kids everywhere – they weren’t mine. Probably the worst part of the dream was the engagement ring. It was a hideous looking lacey flower that stood about two inches tall and wide with some little diamonds in the middle. I guess I should give this guy credit for not forgetting the diamonds! I didn’t want to hurt his feelings but I simply had to break up with him. I mean, I did after all, already have a beautiful wedding band and a great husband.

Maybe that’s what the dream was all about. Just a little reminder from God that I’ve got a good thing going here and I should never take it for granted. It’s either that, or a suggestion to skip the Nachos Nuevos at 9:30 p.m.!