Live the Dream

It’s been a busy week and I haven’t had time to blog, but I didn’t want to leave you thinking that toilet seat covers and fleur de lis were all I learned about on my trip last weekend. The conference I attended was called “Live the Dream.” There were some great speakers, and they all had something to say about living our dreams.

April Simons reminded us that God is our biggest cheerleader and wants us to see our dreams fulfilled. Who doesn’t need a cheerleader? She also reminded us that if God calls us to do something, even though it may seem impossible to us, He will equip us to do whatever it is He’s asking us to do.

DeLynn Rizzo encouraged us to protect our dream by giving it to God. If the enemy can destroy your dream, he can destroy your destiny. I really appreciated this advice. I’m currently working on my own God dream and while what I’m doing excites me, I have to rely on God EVERY day to keep me from getting discouraged.

Christine Caine told us to be prepared. Though we all have dreams of what we’d like to do, our main purpose is to be ready to do whatever God calls us to. I may have big dreams but I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that first of all, it’ll take God to pull them off, and secondly, if I don’t end up where I think I’m going, I’ll end up somewhere way better because ultimately God is in control.

Probably my favorite speaker of the weekend was Dino Rizzo, pastor of Healing Place Church (where the conference was held.) Dino talked about how women fill a role in God’s creation that nothing else fills. He reminded us that what is important is not our station in life, size, hair color, age, etc. but that God has a plan for each of us. I have spent a lot of time thinking I can’t do something because I’m too old, too heavy, not pretty enough or I don’t have the right connections to get something done. Well, no more. I am moving forward in what God has planned for me and I know that whatever that is will be way more than I could possibly imagine.

I am grateful that God not only allows me to dream but provides the path for me to follow to pursue the dreams He has put in my heart.

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