Celebrating a “Half-Birthday”

I’m not sure our son, Adam, is aware of this yet, but today is his half birthday. Twenty-six and a half years ago, just four days after I turned, um, older, Adam was born. And yes, ever since that time, we’ve had two birthday cakes in one week. It’s the best week of the year! This year I must have been busy eating cake because I forgot to blog about our wonderful son on his actual birthday, thus, a half-birthday blog.

Adam has pretty much been smiling since the day he was born. He even has a pretty good fake smile that he can plaster on his face when he is sad. It doesn’t fool me, but I’m sure he’s used it well on those less wise than his mother. When he was a kid even his teachers would comment on his persistent smile. Now that he is grown and moved away, I miss seeing that smile every day.

Adam does not take after me in the financial areas of his life. He’s way more disciplined with a budget than I could ever hope to be. Let’s just say that all of our children have learned how to budget on their own. I think we did a pretty decent job of parenting, but accidently skipped this one important lesson. Perhaps it’s because John’s financial plan was to save everything we made and mine was to spend it all.

Adam is also an amazing photographer. Gifted with a digital camera for college graduation, he spent many hours reading the manual, and other photography books, to learn about his new interest. This must take the same kind of discipline that is required for budgeting, as it would drive me nuts. Whenever I buy anything new and electronic, I usually wait for him to come home, read my manual, and explain it to me. Anyway, after he’d read about his camera, he’d leave the house to go out and take some pictures, come home, load them on the computer, and analyze what he’d done right and what he’d done wrong. He ended up with some pretty cool shots. You can see his work on his website.

In just a few days, Adam will celebrate the first anniversary of his marriage to Heidi, the love of his life. That’s why I’m fairly certain he hasn’t remembered his half-birthday. So happy 26½ years of life, Adam! We love you!

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  1. Dennis

    Good to know they outgrow the poop!

    Thanks for reminding me it is their anniversary! Oops, I got so distracted by wiping runny noses I forgot.

    Hope all is well with you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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