Learning to Believe in Miracles

Two weeks ago I wrote about Lacey, a young woman from our church who was fighting for her life. Her diagnosis seemed bleak, yet God told me to trust him. So, I prayed for a miracle. I have to say that a miracle seemed impossible. Of course, that would be the very definition of a miracle, now wouldn’t it?

In addition to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Lacey was fighting a very serious fungal infection in her lungs. She required a substantial amount of medical intervention and even with all of that available to her, the doctors weren’t holding out much hope. I am excited to tell you that today, Lacey is home. She is still fighting her cancer, but the lung infection is gone. You can learn more about Lacey on her Caring Bridge Site. I’m sure she’d appreciate your prayers as she continues her cancer treatments.

God has shown me a lot through this whole thing. You see, I have such a limited view of God. I make up my mind about what God can and can’t do, based on what I see in my own little world. I don’t see the big picture. It’s akin to looking at a tide pool and deciding that the whole ocean looks like this little three foot area. God has shown me that I need to quit putting Him into a box based on my limited experiences. I need to understand that His plan is WAY bigger than my capacity to grasp it. And, I need to believe in miracles. Not just believe, but ask for them and then, watch and be amazed!