Behind Those Eyes – Book Review

Last September, my friend, Kim, invited readers of her blog to join her in an online Bible study. The book they were using for the study, Behind Those Eyes, sounded interesting so I decided to join. Being new to the whole “online study” idea it took me awhile to get the hang of things. I bought the book late and tried to catch up in what turned out to be some of the busiest days in my life. Let’s just say I was a bit of a failure at keeping up with the whole online thing. But, I did eventually get the book read and I thought I’d tell you about it. If you are new to reading my blog, book reviews are just one of the many services I provide. If you don’t like book reviews, no worries. I’m a slow reader and they don’t come up very often.

The thing I liked about Behind Those Eyes was the “realness.” The author, Lisa Whittle, starts out by talking about how we all wear different masks. We pretend we’re happy when we aren’t, or confident, super spiritual, or perfect. It doesn’t matter who we are pretending to be, the point is that lots of times we are doing just that – pretending. But the truth is that deep inside we are dying. We just want someone to love us for whom we really are.

And guess who that someone might be? The one who loves us JUST the way we are is Jesus Christ. In this book, Lisa shows us how to start recognizing and believing the truth. Once we recognize Christ’s love for us, and allow him to peel off the masks that we have so carefully put on, then, we are free to live the life that He has planned for us.

I would highly recommend this book. If you want to do it with a group, there is even a study guide in the back. Either way, you won’t find it to be a waste of time.