The Perfect Job

I am so excited! I have found the perfect job! I’m sure there will be other applicants but in my mind, no one else is as well suited as I am for this particular line of work. And, finding out about this opportunity on what is sure to be remembered as the coldest morning of 2009, is no doubt divine guidance. Here’s the deal. What I would need to do is laze around on an island off the coast of Australia! It’s true! They are really going to pay someone to do this for SIX months! If you don’t believe me, check out this link.

It’s no small pay check either! They are offering the job recipient 150,000 Australian dollars ($105,000 American) for this six months stint. Most everyone is qualified to lie around and soak in the sun but here is what makes the job perfect for me. What they are basically looking for is someone who can promote the island for tourism purposes. Oh, pick me, pick me!

The job candidate should be someone who can:
1. Write – I can do that.
2. Speak and not be shy in front of the camera – Do they know me?
3. Is a good swimmer – it’s been awhile since high school swim team but I can still swim.
4. Likes to snorkel – are you kidding me? In the Great Barrier Reef? I LOVE it!
5. Likes the sun and outdoors – well, under a beach umbrella it’s perfect, unless there are mosquitoes.

There is just ONE small problem. John seems to think that $105,000 isn’t enough to justify us being separated for six months. I tried to explain to him that I could afford to fly him over once a month but he’s just not buying it. Men!

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