. . . and a little child shall lead them

Tonight John and I went to a believer’s baptism service at which nine people from our church were baptized. We didn’t really know who had made the decision to be baptized but we just wanted to go and support whoever they were. Our church is large and it’s likely that we might not have personally known any of them, but as it turns out we knew one couple.

Being as there were relatively few people who were baptized, there was time for each of them to say a little something before their baptism. A little girl, who I would guess is eleven or twelve years old, went first. Pastor Rob asked her if she’d accepted Jesus as her savior; she said yes. Then, he asked her if she desired to be baptized; again, she said yes. After that she was asked if she had anything to share. She did and it was profound; at least in my mind. She said, “I used to wake up in the morning and feel like I was missing out on something. Since I asked Jesus into my heart, I haven’t felt that way again.”

So sweet, so pure, so true! We all have a “God-sized” hole in our heart. Only Jesus can fill it. That sweet little girl has that figured out at a very early age. I love it!

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  1. jappold

    I was baptised in high school and it still took me until a few years ago to figure out how to fill that “God-sized” hole…I’m sort of slow some times. :-)

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