If you’ve read my last two blogs you know that I’ve been visiting my parents. They are huge Jeopardy fans and record it every night to watch at their leisure. The actually have a DVR program similar to Tivo. At the Holte home we still use a VCR (that’s a video cassette recorder for those of you under the age of 30.) It’s a sad day when your parents are more technologically advanced than you are, but at least I know how to text message. Oh sorry, I digress.

So, I’m watching Jeopardy with my parents and suddenly, I’m feeling not so smart (stupid is such a harsh word). I mean honestly, who knows this stuff? Do the contestants study before they go on the show? It’s not like they just need to know chemistry, or history. They need to know everything; literature, art, Biblical history, movies, and more. I found a few clues that I probably could have figured out, but in the form of a question? And, at lightening speed? No, I’d be the one standing there just trying to look pretty while attempting not to cry as I fell further and further behind.

I have determined that watching Jeopardy isn’t a total waste of time. I did learn this week that sunflower seeds are considered a cure for insomnia. That could be helpful someday. And, I also determined that having all that information in my brain would be dangerous. There is only so much room in my brain and I don’t want to clog it up with stuff that will only be useful should I decide to play Jeopardy. You see, not once in the past 30 years has anyone asked me the symbol for the chemical bismuth. It’s “Bi” by the way. What’s bismuth? You’ll have to look that one up.