Spring Ahead

I love spring! The birds start singing again, the snow melts, flowers start to appear, and it just isn’t so dark all the time. Unfortunately, in Minnesota, spring doesn’t really kick into full gear until the end of April, but for now, we get more hours of daylight. And tonight, it’s time to “spring ahead” our clocks for daylight saving time.

Earlier this week, my pastor wrote a blog to remind us about the changing of the clocks on Saturday night. Pastors across the land are always particularly concerned that we not forget to change our clocks because if we do, they’ll literally be preaching to the choir on Sunday. In my pastor’s blog he linked to an article regarding the effects of daylight saving time. There is some scary information in this article.

Did you know that there is an increase in the number of heart attacks the week after the switch to daylight saving time? This might explain why they don’t make the switch in Arizona. A lot of people retire there who are probably already more prone to heart attacks. The extra number of attacks could send the local hospitals into a tailspin. They just can’t take that chance.

People who are night owls, like me, are bothered more by the switch. Well, duh, night owls, in general, like to sleep and have to stay up until the wee hours of the morning to accomplish what the rest of the world accomplishes during the day. Perhaps I’ll make the change better if I just take a couple extra naps today in preparation.

If “springing ahead” is what it takes to get spring to come, then by all means, let’s move those clocks. Spring can use all the help it can get around here.