Aging – it’s a tricky thing

Aging is a tricky thing. It appears to me that in the 30 years since my son, Paul, was born, I have only aged about 15 years and he has doubled that number! But, my body, and my driver’s license, tell me differently. Hey, I wonder if you can lie on your driver’s license about your age the same way you can about your weight? (Oh please, you know you do it, too.)

When I talked to Paul today I asked him how it felt to be 30. “I don’t know, probably not as bad as it feels to have a son who is 30,” he answered a bit too quickly. It never feels any differently on your birthday, does it? One day feels pretty much like the next but somehow 40 doesn’t feel as good as 30 and 50 doesn’t feel as good as 40. Oh well, at least I’ve got the wisdom thing on my side. Being older gives you that.

I’ll tell you how it feels to have a son who is 30. Short! I feel short! But, that’s probably because he’s 6’2″, not because he’s 30. Happy Birthday, my son!

4 comments on “Aging – it’s a tricky thing

  1. CrazyBusyCallie

    I remember my grandmother always telling me that she feel like she’s 16 inside but her body tells her differntly.

    My boys are 5 and 2 and I know that one day I’ll blink and they’ll be all grown but for now I enjoy two little boys who love to dress up in Spiderman suits (BTW, we pray every night for Spiderman and all the super heros), play in the dirt and collect things like rocks, sticks and other small treasures that I find in their tiny jean pockets!!

    I also know that my boys will be taller then their momma but since Dad is 6′ 8″ I have no hope!!!

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