Lady Liberty and Taxes?

I was driving home yesterday and as I stopped for a traffic light there she was, dancing her heart out. Maybe you’ve seen her; “Lady Liberty” in the flesh. At least that’s who I think it’s supposed to be. She was wearing a bluish/green toga type of garment and a star-shaped headdress similar to the one found on the Statue of Liberty in New York. Why is she dancing on this suburban intersection, you ask? To be honest, if I’d only seen her yesterday I wouldn’t have a clue but at other times when I’ve seen these “Lady Liberty types” they were promoting Liberty Tax Service.

As I sat watching this girl dance and wave at passing cars I had to wonder, “Does this really encourage people to use this particular tax service?” It seemed particularly useless yesterday being as she wasn’t even carrying a sign. But, then again, today is tax day and if you don’t have your paperwork to the accountant before April 14 at 4:00 p.m., it’s probably already too late for that option.

Why Liberty Tax Service is still paying this girl to dance on street corners is beyond me. There are a few possibilities that come to mind; 1) she’s acting as a public service announcement to remind people to send in their tax forms, 2) they want the independent business owner to consider them for their year-round accounting needs, or 3) they mistakenly signed a contract with this girl to work through April 15, forgetting that they wouldn’t necessarily want new business less than 48 hours before the filing deadline. I’m voting for number three.

It’s not just Lady Liberty that you see on street corners these days. Who hasn’t seen the person dressed up as a giant Quizno sandwich, or the guy who seems really disinterested but is standing there holding a “going out of business” sign. MAYBE the going out of business sign would promote some business but seriously, the giant Quizno sandwich? When you see a person dressed as a sandwich do you think to yourself, “Man, I am so hungry for a sandwich?”

On the other hand, I’ve just promoted** these two companies on my blog. Maybe their money was well spent. By the way, I looked up Liberty Tax Service on the web. Their dancing ladies (and men) must be accomplishing something because they have dancers, I mean locations, in all 50 states. I’m thinking they should team up with Jenny Craig. Dancing on the street corner would surely burn a few calories and get you to your “new you” sooner!

**Legal disclaimer – my non-existent legal department wants you to know that the mention of said businesses is not intended as an endorsement of their products or services. All I know is Quiznos has decent sandwiches and salads, Jenny Craig works for some people (especially those who don’t have strong cravings for good chocolate), and Liberty Tax service provides mild entertainment for passersby.

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  1. Adam

    Yeah, i think the same thing. I drove by an Arby’s here in Stevens Point doing that.

    The sad part about Liberty Tax is that taxes and liberty are at odds with each other.

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