Oh, How Quickly We Forget!

This morning I was looking through some of my old blogs in search of some information. I landed on a blog that I posted almost one year ago. For the past few weeks, we Minnesotans have been doing a bit of whining. O.K., many of us, myself included, have been whining for the past four months, but the frequency and intensity of the whining has increased more recently. We’re crying UNCLE! We’re done with winter; and while today it looks like winter is over, we just can’t be sure. Somehow we’ve gotten it in our heads that this winter of 2008/2009 is longer than normal; that the snow should be gone and yet, what did I read in my post of a year ago? Here is an exact quote “Despite the snow and yuck going on outside right now, I’m sure that spring is coming.”

Ah, the mind is a marvelous thing. I had totally forgotten that just one year ago, on April 10, we had snow in southern Minnesota. This, my friends, is why women have more than one child! I like to refer to it as “healing of memories.” We forget the bad! Forgetting definitely has its advantages. Forgetting the pain of a broken heart; now there’s a good thing. It allows you to heal. Forgetting how much a kidney stone hurts; now that can be a bad thing. Not that you need to remember the pain, but forgetting might allow you to slack off on your water intake thus recreating the problem. Ouch!

But days like today, I hope not to forget. The birds are working on their nests, the sun is shining, and there is no snow in sight! Best of all, the scillia in my front yard are starting to bloom! I love spring! If I forget days like today, I’ll never make it through next winter!

Oh, and for all of the people that don’t already have your Christmas decorations taken down, it’s time. That’s a bad thing to forget!