Christmas Sanity Plan – just under the wire.

So, here it is, 9:00 on August 31 and I have yet to post anything this month regarding my Christmas Sanity plan. Well, to be honest, nothing was being done, thus nothing to post. But, in an effort to do just one thing for my “Christmas all year” project I reviewed my options.

In assessing the possibilities, my first requirement was that it be easy, as I was indeed running out of time. I thought I could perhaps buy a few gifts, but, truth be told, I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired in that arena. And, a party seemed like a daunting thing to pull together in a couple of days. So, there wasn’t much left to choose from, EXCEPT, the job of addressing the Christmas cards.

In July, I found a great deal on self-seal envelopes so my supplies were ready (at least I thought). I even had the stamps and return address labels. (See February’s post.) All I really needed to do was update my database with address changes and I’d be set to print. For a few short moments I contemplated actually hand addressing my envelopes this year, but the ease of the printer won out again. I’m never really sure why I think this is easier. It rarely works out that way. And sure enough, this year was no exception.

All was going well. I managed to create the mail merge (which I seem to need to re-learn EVERY time I use it), the envelopes were running through the printer nicely and I mistakenly thought to myself, “Hey, I think I’m finally figuring this whole thing out.” I should know better than to get cocky. Two minutes later the printer decided to eat an envelope, requiring me to stand on my head, and fit my fingers into miniscule places to clear the jam. Once that was over, the computer seemed to take on its own personality and just started spitting out blank envelopes. It even told me at one point that the photo paper needed to be turned upside down to complete the print job! (But I’m not printing photos!) Seriously, who do discipline when the printer is talking back to you?

Eventually everything seemed to be back on track. I was just 18 envelopes away from being done with the printing when the warning came up, “You are out of black ink. Please replace your cartridge.” Aargh!!! The printer offered me the option of using the colored ink to complete the print job, which meant, basically, that it would mix all the colors together to create black ink much like a young child does with finger paints. I guess the printer was feeling badly about its earlier behavior and decided to offer some penance.

So, task completed. The envelopes are ready to go, complete with stamps and return address labels affixed. Yes, there was a bit of stress involved, but knowing that I had three and a half months to remedy the situation allowed me to handle the stress without a significant rise in my blood pressure. And that, after all, is the ultimate goal.