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Since my last blog was about texting with the T-9 feature, I thought it only fair to let you know that I have moved forward in the world of technology. I recently heard that technology is changing so rapidly that those who don’t keep up with the changes will turn into bitter old people. I can’t let that happen. Quite honestly, I think I could easily be a pretty grumpy old woman if I don’t watch myself. Right now, most people think I’m pretty nice. At least that’s what they are saying to my face. But that’s because at this point in my life I possess a fairly intact brain that allows me to filter the things that come out of my mouth. It seems to me, though, that somewhere along the way, older people lose their filter and who knows what might fly out when that filter fades in my life. And if I become bitter, well, it just might not be pretty.

It seems, too, that I need to stave off bitterness for the entire spousal unit of which I’m but one part. My husband doesn’t seem nearly as concerned about the bitterness factor and is happy to have a cell phone to turn on when he needs to make a call that he, in the past, would otherwise have had to stop and make from a pay phone. I think it’s adorable, and yet a wee bit frustrating, that he’ll call me from the road to tell me his approximate arrival time, then hang up and turn off his phone. I think he’s only actually heard his cell phone ring once or twice in the year he’s had it. Once he arrives home he promptly plugs the phone into the charger to recapture those three minutes of battery time that he has used up.

So, in an effort to lower the future bitterness factor, I made the leap and bought a Blackberry Curve. I have no idea yet, what the Curve is all about, but they told me it was the latest and greatest in Blackberries. (Is Blackberries the plural of Blackberry when you are talking cell phones? I don’t know.) If you are an I-phone user, you might just want to stop reading now because I don’t want snide remarks from you telling me what a poor choice I made. I understand that your I-phone is most likely superior to my Blackberry but I wasn’t ready to change carriers or buy an “unlocked” and thus warranty-less I-phone from E-bay.

For me, the greatest selling feature of the Blackberry was having a full keyboard at my fingertips. Unfortunately, one of my fingertips can simultaneously hit three, and possibly four, keys in one quick touch. In fact, I can almost completely cover the ENTIRE keyboard with my two pudgy little thumbs. This should have been my first clue that there would be a bit of a learning curve on this new phone of mine.

So far, I have learned how to make a phone call, which is after all the primary function of a cell phone. Sadly, that little bit of learning didn’t happen quite as quickly and easily as it probably should have.

I also know how to send a text message, which really, if you’re going to be cool at all, requires knowledge of the secret text message code. For instance, you can save HUGE amounts of time by typing the letter “c” instead of the much longer version of the word “see.” And, my personal favorite secret code word is 2″, which works for “I’m going to the store,” “I love you, too,” and “I have two thoughts on that issue.” Please note that all three uses of 2 are only three letters or less, and on my keyboard it requires that I hit both the alt key and then the number 2 key in order to type “2”, so I am saving maybe ½ or even an entire second of time. I’m sure those of you who are texting on those old-fashioned phones using the T-9 feature are becoming more bitter by the minute. Jealousy isn’t pretty, people.

And, my really cool new phone allows me to search the web, update my Facebook and Twitter statuses, and a bunch of other really cool things I’ve yet to figure out. There really should be a community education class for people over 50 learning to use Blackberries. I would sign right up for that.

I think there should be a flip up magnifier on these phones. You see, the number one problem I had with learning how to make a phone call was that, without my reading glasses on, I couldn’t figure out where the numbers were. Someone should tell the Blackberry people that red numbers don’t really contrast well with the black keys. (Maybe I’ll give that job to John. As an eye doctor he might carry more clout, and after all, he needs to do his part here.)

So you see, I’m taking baby steps into the technology arena. Perhaps my next move should be to get some stronger reading glasses. Hey, I know just who to see about that. He may not be good with cell phones, but he does know eyes.

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  1. Jamie E

    "I think it’s adorable, and yet a wee bit frustrating, that he’ll call me from the road to tell me his approximate arrival time, then hang up and turn off his phone."

    You totally crack me up! I hope I still can refer to Dave as adorable in the future!

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