On My Next Car . . .

The other night on my way to a meeting I made a mistake. I was driving along Interstate 494 and saw traffic entering the freeway on my right. Trying to be a nice person, and careful driver, I moved into the middle lane to give the oncoming cars room to merge. The problem with moving from the right lane to the middle was that I only had about a half mile to change back before arriving at my exit.

This is when I made my mistake. As I moved back into the right lane I heard a car beeping at me. I really don’t know where it came from. Before making my move, I had turned and looked for oncoming cars AND checked my mirrors. It was, clearly and simply, a mistake; thankfully, not one that caused injury to cars or drivers.

So, here’s what I’d like to have installed on my next car. I want to be able to push a button, or better yet give a voice command, that will activate a sign on the back (or side) of my car which will read, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that. Please forgive me.” Oh, that’s probably too many words. It would be like trying to read a billboard that has too much writing on it. I guess I’ll have to settle for a simple “I’m sorry.”

These signs I’m suggesting have the potential to end road rage; perhaps even bring about world peace. At least it might have helped me the other night.

Eventually, I had to pull back into the right lane of 494. I looked ever so thoroughly, noticing that the car I’d almost run into had moved WAY back out of my line of fire, and back into my line of sight. As I carefully pulled my car back into the right lane towards my upcoming off ramp, the annoyed driver took it upon himself to register his disgust by flashing his bright lights at me. Seriously, mister? We all make mistakes. Did you honestly think I purposefully tried to run you off the road, risking both my life and yours? I’m sorry, I am really, really sorry. It scared me, too, but flashing your bright lights at me does nothing to change the situation. Perhaps you could offer me a little grace. And, hopefully, when you do something stupid, the “other guy” will extend that same grace to you. Wouldn’t that be a better solution? Wouldn’t that be the solution that would bring about world peace?

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  1. Sarah Norton

    I LOVE this post Nancy! Isn't it so true?! My favorite has to be those people that tailgate you and then pass you, only to end up the car right in front of you at the stoplight =)

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