Christmas Sanity Plan – Part 11

I know, I know, I said I’d write about what I was doing for Christmas every month this year and nothing went up in November. On November 30, I had a choice; I had enough time to write our Christmas letter OR write a blog post. I chose the letter, because to choose the blog post would have meant that I didn’t get anything done in November; then I would feel like a failure and that just won’t do.

So, yes, the letter is written. I’m still awaiting approval from the kids (I allow them to edit the section that I write about them) and it needs to be formatted for copying. That will happen by tomorrow and if all goes as planned; the letter will be in the mail by the beginning of next week. Well, in all honesty, if it had gone as planned, it would have been ready to mail now. But, considering that my Christmas letter generally doesn’t get mailed until December 23, this is HUGE progress.

My Christmas Sanity Plan also included being done with my shopping by December 1, but that isn’t quite the case. I’m close, but not completely finished. All in all, I’m glad I pursued this sanity plan of mine. I’ll do it again next year (though I won’t bore you every month with all the details.) I must admit though, knowing that I’d promised to write something every month did keep me going when I wanted to quit.

The sweet reward of a year filled with Christmas is actually being able to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. And, most importantly, I won’t feel pressured to skip my quiet time with Jesus every day. Imagine a schedule so crazy that I rarely found the time to spend with the One whose birth we were celebrating. Well, that’s just insane.