Are You Kidding Me?

Did you know that January is National Organization Month? Who would have thought that I’d actually be on time for something? If you recall, my last blog was about organizing my kitchen cupboard, complete with labels. Just one cupboard, mind you, but it’s a start. The other day, though, I was sort of forced into an “organizational spree.”

I was attempting to complete some work on the computer when suddenly, and for no apparent reason, my internet completely quit working. This, of course, would never do. I tried all of the typical tricks; unplug the modem, unplug the wireless router, restart the computer, etc. Nothing worked. So, I called my internet service provider and told him everything I’d done, and then asked for his help. What did he say? “Ma’am, could you please unplug the power cord to the modem?” Really? Weren’t you listening? Didn’t I just tell you that I already did that? But, I obediently unplugged the modem – for the third time – with no change. So, the helper guy tells me that he’ll need to send a technician to the house. Perfect, I can’t wait to see him. (All implied sarcasm intended.)

As I hung up the phone I surveyed my office desk and realized that this would never do. It was a mess, beyond a mess really. I had avoided cleaning the plethora of papers off my desk for way too many months. I figured an hour or two would be needed to get it clean enough for me to avoid embarrassment when the technician showed up.

It’s amazing what you can throw away if you wait long enough. I was surprised to discover that more papers were “filed” in the recycling bin than anywhere else. I was also surprised to find fourteen recipes on my desk; including the one I searched for at Christmas. Who put them there, I wonder?

Finally, after five, yes five hours of filing, throwing, and organizing, I picked up one of the last pieces of paper left on my desk. There was an email address written on it so I opened my email program to add said address to my contact list, thus allowing me to throw that last little post-it note away. And, what do you suppose happened? Sure enough, my email started receiving messages, which means, of course, that now my internet was working.

Are you kidding me? I cleaned that desk off for no good reason? The technician isn’t coming? Apparently the modem, which sits on my desk behind the computer, has an issue with claustrophobia and needed some space. It’s the only reasonable explanation. Either that or God knew I needed a little nudge to get this job done. He probably heard it was National Organization Month before I did.

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  1. The Montgomery Family

    I do so love to read your posts :-) You have a gift for humor in the everyday stuff!

    Congratulations on the new engagement! We saw Heidi and Adam this weekend and they told us the news.

    You have a very fun (and very competitive) son and my girls just love their Uncle Adam!

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