Cactus are like People

It happens every year. The beginning of December rolls around and suddenly I realize that winter is setting in, which can only mean one thing. I’m going to freeze. So, in a desperate attempt to survive the oncoming winter months I start cashing in frequent flyer miles for flights to warmer locations. This year, a friend and I decided that Phoenix, Arizona was the place to be.

So, here we are trying to take in all the area has to offer. The other day we decided to visit the Desert Botanical Garden. I must admit, I’ve never been a huge fan of cactus but I guess age has changed my perspective and now I find them to be quite fascinating. There is a certain allure to the desert that is unmatched in other areas of the country. I never cease to be amazed by the uniqueness and beauty of God’s creation all over the world.

The other thing I noticed is that the cacti are as unique as people. I mean really, look around; you’ve got your tall, skinny people; short, squatty people; those with spikey hair, a variety of colors, etc. Cactus are the same way; short, tall, spikey, mulit-colored, and interesting.

This particular cactus is one of my favorites. They stand there tall and proud, like a soldier. Thier appendages give each one its own personality and make them look like they are waving, or holding up a road sign. (As you can see I sometimes have quite the imagination.)

The birds are obviously fond of the tall, statuesque cacti also. Personally, I can’t imagine sitting on something so prickly but hey, I’m not a bird. Each of these cacti have an extensive water reservoir inside which may be what attracts the birds.

Just like people, sometimes you have to look very closely to find the beauty. In another couple of months I think this whole area is going to come alive with beautiful, blooming cacti. What a bummer I can’t stay and watch it all unfold.

This cactus seems like the deserts answer to pumpkins. Though I doubt they’d be much fun to carve, I think they are just adorable. (Yes, I just called a cactus¬†adorable.)

My friend, Debbie, tells me that my pictures made the desert look even better than it was in person. I don’t know about that but I love the pinkish, purple color scattered about this cactus. Simply beautiful, in it’s own crazy way.

These little guys remind me of sea urchins but don’t be fooled; they won’t close up when you touch them; most likely they’ll leave you with a bloody finger.

To be honest, this cactus creeps me out a bit. It kind of reminds me of a bunch of snakes. Eww…let’s move on.
The colors in the desert come alive as the sun sets. Simply amazing.