Dance, My Friend

A little over a year ago I wrote on my blog about my friend, Lacey, who, it appeared, was dying. Two weeks later though, she was healed and home again. Truly, it was a miracle. No one held out much hope for her healing, yet Lacey (and the antibiotics) fought the infection in her lungs and lived. She still had her cancer, however, so we continued to pray.

Lacey’s cancer spent the last year invading her entire body. Yet Lacey remained strong in her faith and belief that her earthly body would be healed. We all did. Despite our prayers and faith, on Wednesday, January 6, 2010, Lacey took her final breath on this earth and seconds later took a new, fresh, unencumbered breath on the shores of heaven.

There is really no way for those of us left behind to make sense of this great loss. I am not a great theologian, and truth be told, I’m pretty sure most of them struggle with these kinds of situations. They boggle our earthly minds. I have spent this past week pleading with God to miraculously heal Lacey. I know I wasn’t the only one praying that way. And, though some may call me crazy, I know that against all odds God could have done that. But He didn’t. And, I know that He has reasons that will one day make perfect sense to me. It just doesn’t make sense today.

Lacey was one of the strongest women I know. She fought her cancer with a determination that I’m fairly certain I could never muster. She always had the sweetest smile on her face and she rarely complained. But, besides her sweet smile and indomitable spirit, there is one thing about Lacey that I will never forget. One day, when I was talking to her she said, “I decided a long time ago that I can live like I’m gonna live, or live like I’m gonna die. I’m choosing to live like I’m gonna live.” Nothing says it better than that. I know healthy people who don’t “live like they’re gonna live.” Some days I’m one of them.

Tuesday night when I was reading my Bible and praying for Lacey, there was a verse that stuck out to me. The end of Mark 5 tells the story of Jarius’ daughter who had been ill and even died. Jesus went to Jarius’ home and, despite the wailing of the mourners, went into the Jarius’ daughter’s room and in verse 41 it says, “Holding her hand, he said to her, “Talitha koum,” which means “Little girl, get up!”

Oh, how I had hoped that is what Jesus had done in Lacey’s hospital room on Wednesday. In some ways, I’m sure He did. I can imagine Him saying to her, “Come on baby girl, get up, I’ve got something to show you that’ll blow you away.”

Sweet Lacey, you will be greatly missed but you dance, girlfriend, on those streets of gold.

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  1. Mary

    Thanks Nancy for sharing that with us all. Your words and love that shown through were beautiful. I only talked with Lacey 2 or 3 times but she so impressed me with her gentle, sweet spirit. Matt, Gabe and Grace are in my prayers along with all her family and friends who will miss her so much. Thanks again Nancy for sharing your gift of writing with us.

  2. Jess

    Thank you for posting this, Nancy! I never met Lacey but saw her during church, and her testimony of faith and life is so strong and moves me to tears! Praying that God wraps her husband, kids, and family in His comforting arms and holds them tight. Lacey doesn't need His comfort any longer, she's basking in our Father's presence, delighting in a new pain-free body, and dancing and singing praises in Heaven!

  3. Rachel

    Beautiful, Nancy. At troubled times all I can do sometimes is repeat, "But God is still God." We don't need to understand, agree, etc. but God is still God

  4. Anonymous

    I had met this beautiful women a couple of times, and have heard countless stories of her faith in our Lord, thru all the suffering she endured-she was amazing. I hope to have just an ounce of her spirit. Although she will be missed and there are many tears being shed, I rejoice that she is free and sitting with our Lord. She is smiling down at us!
    Its okay to cry today, but tomorrow we will rejoice!

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