A New Kind of Love

A few weeks ago our son, Paul, and daughter-in-law, Erin put a new floor in their townhome. They invited us to come up for dinner one night so we could see their work. Well, it wasn’t so much THEIR work that got the floor in; they had help. Lots of it. However, Paul and his friend eventually got the job done as Erin cheered them on. But I digress.

Before dinner we were sitting around, admiring their handiwork and talking and all of a sudden Paul asks if we’d like to see a video he made. Paul makes random videos all the time so this request didn’t seem so odd. Of course we said yes, because, well, it would’ve been rude to say no.

This is the video he showed us. Don’t read the rest of my blog before you watch it. It’s only 45 seconds long. Go on, you’ve got the time. You may have seen it before if you’re on Facebook, but hey, watch it again. It’s pretty spectacular. (Hint: you might need to double-click on the screen to get the full view.)

Wasn’t it great?O.K., I understand if you aren’t quite as over the moon about it as I am, but hey, that’s my grandbaby we’re talking about!That’s right!I’m going to be a grandma, or Nana, as I like to call it.It sounds a bit younger to me.

For years other grandparents have been telling me that there is no explaining the love they have for their grandchildren.They say it’s like a new kind of love that you won’t know until you become a grandparent.I wasn’t convinced.

To hear my children tell it, I’ve been bugging them for years to have kids.I seriously don’t know where they get that stuff because, to be honest, I’ve been a little nervous about the whole grandparent thing.What if I didn’t get that kind of love that everyone talks about?I don’t want to be a failure as a grandparent and I just wasn’t so sure that I’d be as enamored with my grandchildren as everyone else seems to be with theirs.

Well, let me tell you this; I need worry no more.The very instant I knew I was going to be a grandmother, I was head over heels in love with that little one.It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced!Paul and Erin asked me to keep it a secret for a few weeks and I’ve been beside myself.I actually walked through Target one day and started telling random people that I was going to be a grandmother.I’m sure they were thrilled.Had I stayed much longer I probably would have heard over the speaker, “Nut case in the baby aisle, please send assistance immediately!”

I’ll make a noble attempt not to make EVERY post about my assuredly adorable grandchild but trust me, it won’t be easy.February can’t come soon enough!

8 comments on “A New Kind of Love

  1. Anonymous

    I think the only other time I have been this excited for someone to become a Nana was when it was my own mother. I am THRILLED for you!!

  2. Jodi

    CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!! So exciting!! Praying that everything will go great during the pregnancy.


  3. Kammi

    Loved reading this. You are going to be a great Nana Nancy! Whenever our adult kiddos are ready to have babies, my plan is to be called Grammi Kammi. I know, sounds old, but sure has a cute ring to it, don't ya think?

  4. Mom of Two

    Congratulations. You are going to make a wonderful Nana.

    BTW – my mom struggled with what to be called and thought she wanted Nana and my daughter being the oldest kinda got to set the name and like to just call her grandma.

  5. [not the] Best Blog Ever

    So that time in Target a couple weeks ago when I ran into you in the baby department… And you said you were buying a gift for a "baby shower"… Hmm. I'm just sayin'…


    Just teasing, Nancy. Congrats! I know you will love grandmotherhood!

  6. Jackie

    I have a feeling this is going to be the most spoiled grandkid in the world! I can understand your out of this world excitement. I can't wait to meet your little grandchild!

  7. travelingtramps

    Congratulations Nancy…and John too. Yes, it is very fun to be "Nana"…that is what I decided to be also. Check out Grayson's pictures on Jackie's blog…you can access from mine. Very cool way they told you about it.

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