When Did This World Go Mad?

Tonight, I’m a bit annoyed.I logged on to the internet earlier and a Yahoo news page came up.The title of the lead article was something like “Plus-size Model Speaks Out.”Apparently model, Crystal Renn, posed for a photo-shoot and when the picture came out they made her appear as though she were a size 2.She “spoke out,” it seems, because she’s very comfortable being a size 10 and was offended that they’d photo-shopped some weight off of her to make her look thinner.

Wait a minute!Let’s go back to the original title of the article;“PLUS-SIZE MODEL SPEAKS OUT.”Since when is a size 10 a plus size?I wear a plus size and while I personally wouldn’t be offended if someone wanted to take some weight off of me in a photo, I am offended for all the size 10 women in the world.I haven’t been a size 10 since I was oh, well, maybe 10 years old!I would love to be a size 10, or for that matter a 12; neither one do I consider to be a plus-size.

Other people must have been annoyed, also, because when I went back to watch the video again I couldn’t find it. It was gone. Hmmm…

But, there is one other thing that annoys me about this story.Here’s what bugs me. Why is a size 10 girl modeling for plus-sized clothes?Nothing against Chrystal Renn, she’s a beautiful girl, but seriously, why isn’t she modeling normal-sized clothes for the normal-sized women?When did this world go mad?It’s no wonder women have weight issues.If you are considered one of the “larger women” at a size 10 why bother trying?

Furthermore, why can’t real plus-sized women model plus-sized clothing?Would it be wrong to put someone who is a size 14, say, in a clothing catalog where the smallest size actually IS a 14?Is that too much to ask?

One last thing; while I generally don’t feel comfortable discussing my dress size with the general public, I really can’t stay silent one more minute.Yes, I would prefer to be smaller, yes, I know it’s healthier, yes, I continually try to lose weight; but the truth is that I am so much more than what I weigh. I refuse to let my weight define who I am as a person any longer.I hope you do, too.

O.K., I’m done ranting now.Thanks for listening.And if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, feel free to call. One thing about my shoulder is this, it’s soft.

5 comments on “When Did This World Go Mad?

  1. Krista

    Incredible, Nancy… you (and your soft shoulder!) go, girl. LOVE this. And hey… you forgot to mention how tough and buff your soft shoulder is. Look out Hacker, she's looking for you and she's taking names. :)

  2. Marlana Wenzel

    Nancy, this is awesome! I struggle with that same question weekly, and mostly because I am a size 10/12. The world and culture make me feel fat, yet I have to be constantly reminded that I am in a very healthy weight range and am quite average and normal. Yeah, I'd love to go back to my size 6's, but that's only because that means I'm being more active and I would have a large selection of size 6 jeans to choose from on my top shelf. Normally I would have read the article you did and said, "What? I'm plus-sized :(" But after reading your blog, I'm not going to do that. I'm going to keep reminding myself that I am beautiful just the way the Lord created me.

  3. Kammi

    You are awesome Nancy. So much truth, and sadly, mad is right where we are isn't it? I wonder if it will ever change? Being a 14 in this world of " must be as thin as we can be" can be really painful at times. I remember back(way back)when I was a size 5, and people commented that I was too thin- because back then,5 was considered really small! Now it seems size 0 is the # that is thrown around so much among many women I know, & the # so many strive for. I have even heard some "complain" they can't find anything that fits them, because even a 0 is too big. I wonder what that says about how we truly feel about ourselves as women if we strive to be a 0 or less? And I wonder how many secret,deadly eating disorders are a part of this popular quest? Anyway, it's all so very sad and I am glad you wrote about it. I am also so thankful that my hubby adores me right where I am at, and that he has finally convinced me(it took me years to believe him)nothing could change his love for me. I think that when and if I ever do have success in getting to a healthier size (I would be happy with a 10/12), it will be a result of deeply knowing and absolutely believing my own self worth…how valuable I am to Jesus, to my hubby, and to others….ya know? I think it's all connected,for a lot of us. And as you said, the media really does a good job of trying to keep of us from achieving that level of self worth doesn't it? Sad, sad, sad. Keep on speaking the truth sister and I will too.

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