A Meal Fit for a . . . . . .

Our son, Adam, and his wife Heidi, are amazing cooks. Personally, I think Adam learned how to cook so well because he had to in order to survive. Let’s just say I’ve never been much of a cook. I do enjoy eating, however. And, I love it when Adam and Heidi cook for us because it’s always so yummy. They make it sound like it’s easy to put together such great meals, but I’m onto them. I think the key difference between us, is they enjoy cooking and I don’t. Truly, if Adam didn’t look so much like John I might think there had been a mix-up at the hospital but we’d be hard pressed to deny that he’s really our son. And we wouldn’t want to.

A couple weekends ago John and I went to visit Adam and Heidi in Wisconsin. As it so happened, Scott’s wife, Angelina, was out of town so Scott joined us also. An early dinner was planned for Saturday so that we could enjoy some local festivities later in the evening. I’d already been told that Baby Back Ribs were on the menu so I was pretty excited because they are one of my favorites! Just before dinner I noticed Heidi making a delicious Baby Spinach Salad with pears. Yum! Another one of my favorites. As I’ve previously mentioned on this blog, I have an intolerance to products containing soy and dairy so, when it came time to add the barbecue sauce to the ribs Heidi showed me the bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce and assured me that she’d checked to make sure it was soy-free. And you know how cooks are (o.k., I’m not really what you’d call a cook, but I do cook because as I mentioned, I like to eat), we like to share products that we’ve found that also work for the allergen response group and I mentioned the brand of barbecue sauce we use. (I know it sounds like I was trying to “show her a better way,” but truly I wasn’t. I like to think I’m not that kind of a mother-in-law and I hope my daughter-in-laws will help me continue in that possible delusion.)

Now, you may have already noticed, but at this point, I hadn’t quite caught on until Heidi, who was actually leaving the room for a minute said, “Well, this one fits into the theme.” The THEME? There’s a THEME for this meal? Let’s see . . .Baby Back Ribs with Sweet Baby Ray’s Sauce and Baby Spinach Salad. Once I knew there was a theme it didn’t take me more than two seconds to figure out what kind of a theme they were talking about. Perhaps you’ve guessed by now . . . that’s right . . we have ANOTHER grandchild due in 2011! TWO GRANDBABIES are ON THE WAY!!! (If you missed my previous blog about a grandbaby on the way, click here.)

For the record, Heidi didn’t really mean to tell us at that moment that they were expecting. Apparently she hadn’t counted on my incredibly good hearing and deductive skills. They were planning to make the announcement at dinner but this was just as fun.

As you might guess, we are OVER THE MOON with excitement! I love to “get down to baby level” and tell my grandbabies how excited I am to meet them and that I love them. I like to think they’ll already recognize me as their Nana when they arrive.

So, as you can see, that meal that Adam and Heidi made was A Meal Fit for Some Very Ecstatic Grandparents-to-be! We’re already in love!

Scott refers to this as “the pregnancy picture.” Aren’t they cute?

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