Without a Trace

I got a message from a friend the other day wondering if I could recommend a book for her book club.I told her about a few books I had read recently and then suggested she go to my blog for reviews of a few others.I decided I should go look at my blog myself and see what was on there for book reviews.It was then I realized that I hadn’t written one book review since December of last year!I have read books in the past year – really!

So, I thought today would be a good time to tell you about an awesome series of mystery/romance books I read this past year. I tend to find an author I like and then read his/her stuff until I either finish the series or grow tired of them. When my friend (a different one than previously mentioned) gave me Colleen Coble’s book Without a Trace, she raved about it.It wasn’t long before I knew why.

There are a number of reasons to like Without a Trace; interesting characters, a fascinating look at search and rescue dogs, just enough hint at romance to keep it interesting, one woman’s determination to put some closure on the loss of her son and husband, and a mother-in-law who, despite a series of painful events in her life, shines with the love of Jesus.But, I think my favorite thing about this book is the mystery.

Sometimes when I read a mystery, I’ve got it pretty much figured out by the middle of the book.Of course, I do watch NCIS on a very regular basis so maybe I’ve just learned so much about crime solving that I’m better at it than the average person.But, I doubt it.This book, however, keeps you guessing up until the very end.I love that!

Without a Trace is the first in a series of four books called the Rock Harbor Series.All of the stories are centered around life in a small town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a intriguing cast of characters, and the most lovable canine you’ll ever meet (even if you’re not a huge fan of dogs.)

I’d highly recommend buying the entire series from the get-go because you’ll be dying to find out what happens next once you get started reading.That said, the fourth book in the series borders on being disappointing.The mystery is still there but, to be honest, it’s kind of an “add-on” book.I think I actually read that the author intended to write the three books in the series and the publisher pushed her for a fourth.Basically, everything was tied up in a neat little bow (which I personally enjoy) at the end of book three and I feel like book four muddies the waters a bit.I don’t like muddy water.

I’ve got more great books to tell you about but they’ll have to wait for another day.Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, after all, and there is much to be done.Someday, I’m going to get to this point in the Christmas season and be at a place where I can sit in the living room, start a fire in the fireplace, turn on all the little white lights, and just read for fun.This, however is not that day; maybe next year.A girl can dream, right?