Define Sweetheart

It’s February – the month of LOVE! The month of hearts and flowers. It would be hard to miss the fact that this is the month that we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Even television networks are eager to promote the romantic holiday. In December, immediately after Christmas had ended, I started seeing little pop-ups on the Hallmark Channel that said “Only 50 days left until Valentine’s Day.” Seriously! We didn’t even have all of our Christmas gifts unwrapped yet!

It came as no surprise, then, when Wheel of Fortune started the month with “Sweethearts Week.” Yes, it’s true, at times we do watch Wheel of Fortune at this house, which is really quite remarkable considering I abhor crossword puzzles and Wheel of Fortune is basically a giant crossword game that comes at you one phrase at a time.

Here’s how Wheel of Fortune’s “Sweetheart Week” works. Instead of having just one player at each position they have a man and wife working together as a team. So, the other night John and I are watching the show and he has apparently missed the fact that it is “Sweetheart Week” because suddenly he says to me “Why are there two people answering the questions? Are they married?” “Because it’s “Sweetheart’s Week,” John. Haven’t you been paying attention?” I replied. I kid you not when I tell you his response, “Oh, so they’re not married.” It wasn’t a question.

I’ve got three days until Valentine’s Day. I’m thinking I’ll go out and buy heart shaped post-it notes and start sticking them around the house as a reminder. Maybe I’ll even stick one on myself that says “Your Sweetheart.”


Happy Valentine’s Day!